Consumes all other cells to become the head! Agario is a very addictive multiplayer game provided several unique modes.

Join the global phenomenon and free confronts thousands of competitors! If you dash a smaller cell, you absorberas and grow up. More you grow, the more you will become stronger. also ejects mass and too divided up into several pieces to dominate the smaller cells.

Once the FFA under your dominion, explores the Experimental fashion and learn to enjoy the progenitors. To make a hilarious party and become popular, choose a skin that is unusual. Take the appearance of a president, a flag or even the web!

If you want to have fun even playing, you can choose a custom skin as a president, a flag or even the internet! To do this you must use a specific word as username: USA, Brazil, Poland, France, China, Turkey and many others for a flag as skin. Similarly, you can choose Obama, Merkel, Berlusconi, Holland, Trump, Chavez, Bush or the Queen for a head of president.

And if you want an internet meme as skin? Nothing’s easier ! Tapes Cia, 9gag, 4chan, Sanik, Moon, Facepunch, Nasa, or Doge Pokerface as username. You can change your skin with each new game.

It is also possible to play against the Agario came gamers worldwide. Choose your Preferred region (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) and join thousands of players in a second. If you prefer to play against your friends, you can choose the “party” mode that will give you a unique link to send to your friends. Let the festivities begin !

At the end of each game you will have a summary screen of your performance: number of eaten cells survived time and your position in the world ranking.

Every game room has its top 10 you can consult

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